Melsa Ararat


Date: October 19, 2007
Present rank: Assistant Professor of Management
Faculty of Management - Sabancı University
Office:                 FMAN 1015
Phone:                 (0216) 483 97 12
Fax:                     (0216) 483 96 99



1991 Ph.D. (Organization and Strategy)        :  Istanbul University, Istanbul
1987 M.Sc..(Thermodynamics)                    .:  Aegean University (Distinction), Izmir
1976 B.Sc. (Chemical Engineering)              .:  Middle East Technical University, Ankara 


Academic Work Experience:

2006-current Coordinator, IFC Corporate Governance Research Network
2003            Assistant Professor of Management, FMAN, Sabancı University
2002-2003    Lecturer, GSM, Sabanci University

Non-academic Work Experience:

2000-2002    Director of Global Programs and Strategic Initiatives, Member of Executive Committee, 
.................. Origin International, Atos-Origin, Belgium
1997-2001    Managing Director and Board Member, T&O Consulting, Japan
1997-2001    Business Unit Country Manager, ICT Philips, Japan
1994-1997    Regional Director of Alliances and Competence Centers, Asia Pacific, Origin, 
.................. Singapore
1987-1994    Business Unit Manager and Assistant General Manager, TES A.S, Turkey
1985-1987    Business Analyst, Izmir Pamuk Mensucat, Turkey
1976-1981    Plant Engineer, Turkish Electrical Authority, Turkey

Courses Taught at Sabancı University:

2007-2008     Strategic Management, MBA
2006-2007     Business and Ethics, EMBA, MBA
2005-2006     Strategic Management, MBA, EDP
2004-2005     Corporate Governance, EMBA and MBA
2003-2004     Strategic Analysis and Strategy Formulation, EMBA
2002-2003     Strategic Thinking and Action, EMBA and MBA

Administrative Positions within University:

2003-current  Director, Corporate Governance Forum of Turkey

Professional and Public Services outside University:

Editor/Editorial board memberships in scientific journals:

2006             Guest Editor of Corporate Governance, an International Review, Vol. 14, No.4
2002-current  Editorial Advisory Board Member, International Corporate Governance;....................Business in Society


2007              Thunderbird International Business Review
2004-current  Corporate Governance; an International Review
2003-current  Corporate Governance; an International Journal of Business in Society

Organizer/Coordinator of Academic Conferences:

2007             Chair and coordinator of International Conference on Corporate Governance in 
................... Emerging Markets, Istanbul, 16-17 November

Session Chair/ Program Committee Member in Academic Conferences:

2006             Conference Committee Member, 2. International Conference on Business, 
................... Management and Economics, Yasar University, Cesme, 15-19 June
2003             Conference Committee Member, Session Chair, International Conference on Family 
................... Firms and Corporate Governance, Sabanci University, Istanbul, 20-22 May

Professional Affiliations:

2000             Member, European Corporate Governance Institute
2005             Member, International Corporate Governance Network
2006             Advisory Board Member of CSR Association-Turkey


Research Interest:

- Corporate Governance in Emerging Economies, relationship between corporate governance attributes and economic development, competitiveness and firm performance 
- Corporate Social Responsibility, overlap with corporate governance, drivers for corporate accountability


Articles in Refereed Journals:

Ararat, Melsa, (2007); Drivers for CSR, The Case for Turkey, Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society, forthcoming

Ararat, Melsa; Uğur, Mehmet (2006): Does macroeconomic performance affect corporate governance. In: Corporate Governance, Vol.14 (4): 325-339.

Ararat, Melsa; Yurtoğlu, B. Burçin (2006): Corporate governance in Turkey: An introduction to the special issue 1. In: Corporate Governance, Vol.14 (4): 201-206.

Ararat, Melsa; Ugur, Mehmet, (2004), Imperfect Information and Corporate Governance: Some Policy Implications, Global Business and Economics Review, Anthology 2003, pp. 192-203

Ararat, Melsa; Ugur, Mehmet (2004), Corporate Governance in Turkey: An Overview and Some Policy Recommendations. In: Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society, Vol 3(1): 58-75, 


Chapters in Books:

Ararat, Melsa; Uğur Mehmet (2007): Turkey, Corporate Governance at the 
Crossroads. In: Chris Mallin: Handbook on International Corporate Governance, 
Cheltenham, Northampton: Edward Elgar, Chapter 11.

Ararat, Melsa (2006): La gouvernance corporative en Turquie. In : Naciri, Ahmed Naciri: 
Traité de Gouvernance Corporative: Théories et pratiques a travers le monde. Les presses 
de l'université Laval, Quebéc, Chapter 10, 460-85.

Ararat, Melsa; Yurtoglu, B.Burcin (2006):Corporate Governance and Competitiveness.
In: 2006 Turkey's Competitiveness Report , TUSIAD-Sabanci University Competitiveness Forum publication (in Turkish), pp.55-86, October

Ararat, Melsa; Taboğlu, Esin; Şener, Burcu (2006): v-NET: a Case of Family Owned 
Conglomerates. In: Mallin, Chris: International Corporate Governance, a Case Study 
Approach, Chelthenham, Northampton: Edward Elgar, Chap.11, 269-84.

Ararat, Melsa (2005): Social Responsibility in a State-Dependent Business System. In Habishch, Jonker, Wegner, Schmidpeter (eds.): Corporate Social Responsibility across Europe, Springer: Berlin, Heidelberg, Chap. 19, 247-61

Ararat, Melsa (2004): Turkey. In Chris Pierce (ed.): International Corporate Governance, a Definite Guide, IOD Publications, London

Ararat, Melsa (2004): Turkey. In George Dallas (ed.), Governance and Risk, London and New York: McGraw Hill, Chap. 18-6, 511-16

Conference Proceedings:

Ararat, Melsa (2006): Corporate Governance at Crossroads. In: Proceedings of 1st International Conference of Business, Management and Economics, 19 June 2005.Izmir, Turkey.

Ararat, Melsa; Ugur, Mehmet (2005): Corporate Governance at Crossroads. In
Internationale Conference on Gouvernance Corporative et development, une perspective internationale, 8th April, Casablanca, Morocco

Ararat, Melsa (2004): Seffaflik ve Kurumsal Yonetim. In ISSMMO Accounting Audit Symposium on Impact of Globalisation on the Profession of Accounting , and Protection of Society's Interests Antalya, Turkey 

Papers Submitted and Under Review:

Ararat, Melsa; Yurtoglu, B.Burcin (2007): Rekabet ve Yonetisim. In: Yonetim Arastirmalari Dergisi 

Working Papers:

Ararat, Melsa; Yurtoglu,Burcin (2007): Different approaches to differentiating better governed Firms in BOVESPA and ISE

Ararat, Melsa (2006): Corporate social responsibility across Middle East and North Africa.

Research in Progress

Ararat, Melsa; Orbay, Hakan, Yurtoglu, B.Burcin (2007): Board composition of listed Firms in ISE and firm performance

Aksu Mine; Ararat, Melsa; Saatcioglu, Kemal (2007): Transparency and Disclosure of listed firms in Turkey, a time series analysis

Ararat, Melsa; Bayazit, Mahmut (2007): From Social Compliance to Corporate Social Responsibility; the Case of Social Standards Roundtable in Ready Made Clothing Sector


Ararat, Melsa, Orbay, Hakan (2006): Corporate Governance in Turkey, implications for growth and investments. In World Bank Investment Climate Assessment Report Survey 
for Turkey. Washington DC, World Bank Publications.

Ararat, Melsa ; Balic, Amra (2007). Corporate Governance: Turkish Transparency and Disclosure Survey Report, Standard and Poor's, forthcoming

Ararat, Melsa; Balic, Amra (2006). Corporate Governance: Turkish Transparency and Disclosure Survey Report, Standard and Poor's, available upon request from and accessible via

Ararat, Melsa; IIF Task Force (2005). Corporate Governance in Turkey, an Investor Perspective, International Institute of Finance, Washington D.C.

Ararat, Melsa; Balic, Amra; Bradley, Nick (2005). Transparency and Disclosure of Turkish Firms, Survey Report, Standard and Poor's, accessible via

Miscellaneous (Original works other than above categories):

Ararat, Melsa (2006); Emerging Markets, 2006 Yearbook of ICGN, Washington D.C.

Ararat, Melsa (2005); Turkey, 2005 yearbook of ICGN, London 

Conference Presentations:

Ararat, Melsa, Assistant Professor. Controlling Shareholders and Allocation of Power. 4th International Conference on Corporate Governance, Birmingham, 3 July 2006.

Ararat, Melsa, Assistant Professor. Owner Dominated Boards and Allocation of Power; Affect on Corporate Governance. 2nd International Conference on Business, Management and Economic, Izmir, June 2006.

Ararat, Melsa, Assistant Professor. Corporate Social Responsibility across MENA Region. Middle East and North Africa Development Forum - 5, Beirut, April 2006.

Ararat, Melsa, Assistant Professor. Social Responsibility in Turkey. Middle East and North Africa Development Forum 5, Beirut, April 2006.

Ararat, Melsa, Assistant Professor. EU's corporate governance action plan and implications for Turkey. Turkey Internal Auditors Institute's Annual Conference, Istanbul, October 2006.

Ararat, Melsa, Assistant Professor. Corporate Governance and Firm Valuation. 2nd Corporate Governance Conference, Istanbul, 9th May 2006.

Ararat, Melsa, Assistant Professor. Corporate Governance at Crossroads. 1st International Conference on Business, Management and Economics , Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey, 16-19 June 2005

Ararat, Melsa, Assistant Professor. Regulatory Corporate Governance Reforms and Corporate Response. Inaugural Conference of Moroccan Corporate Governance Centre, University of Business, Casablanca, Morocco, 8th April 2005

Ararat, Melsa, Assistant Professor. Opportunities and Constrains in CG Reforms. World Corporate Governance Council's 6th International Conference, London, UK, 12-13th May 2005

Ararat, Melsa, Assistant Professor. Macroeconomic Stability and Corporate Governance, United Nations ECE Corporate Governance Round Table, UN, Genève, 9th February 2005

Ararat, Melsa, Assistant Professor. Emerging Markets and Corporate Governance 
2. Second European Conference on Corporate Governance, Brussels, Belgium, 29-30 November 2004

External Relations:

Industry Relations/Consulting Projects:

Ararat, Melsa (2006): Assessment of Social and Environmental Performance of Akbank

Ararat, Melsa (2006): Moderator for Textile Sector Round Table on Social Standards

Ararat, Melsa (2006): Management Development Program for Arkas

Ararat, Melsa (2004): Corporate Governance Review and Assessment for Sabanci Holding




Year Name of the institution, "Name of the honor/grant/award", City, Country


Euro 2,000,000 (157,000 Euro for Sabanci University) - Steering Committee Member, European Commission, 2005- 2008

Euro 7,000 - Team Member, "Transparency and Disclosure Study and assessment of Turkcell" , Turkcell, 2006

USD 10,000 - Member of OC, " International Conference on Family Firm and Corporate Governance", World Bank, 2003

Euro 80,000 - Project director. "Corporate Governance Forum", TUSIAD, 2002-2003