Book Chapters

Book Chapters on Corporate Governance

“Does the Adoption of Social Standards Marginalise Labour Unions? The Case of Turkey’s garment industry, (2009) in Chris Mallin (ed), Cheltenham, Northampton, Edward Elgar.
Corporate Governance at the Crossroads (2007). In: Chris Mallin: Handbook on International Corporate Governance, Cheltenham, Northampton: Edward Elgar, Chapter 11. Melsa Ararat, Mehmet Ugur

La gouvernance corporative en Turquie (2006). In: Naciri, Ahmed Naciri: Traité de Gouvernance Corporative: Théories et pratiques a travers le monde. Les presses de l'université Laval, Quebéc, Chapter 10, 460-85. Melsa Ararat 

Corporate Governance and Competitiveness. (2006) In: 2006 Turkey’s Competitiveness Report, TUSIAD-Sabanci University Competitiveness Forum publication (in Turkish), pp.55-86, October. Melsa AraratB.Burcin Yurtoglu 

v-NET: a Case of Family Owned Conglomerates. (2006). In: Mallin, Chris: International Corporate Governance, a Case Study Approach, Chelthenham, Northampton: Edward Elgar, Chap.11, 269-84. Melsa Ararat, Esin Taboglu, Burcu Sener

Social Responsibility in a State-Dependent Business System. (2005). In: Habishch, Jonker, Wegner, Schmidpeter (eds.): Corporate Social Responsibility across Europe, Springer: Berlin, Heidelberg, Chap. 19, 247-61. Melsa Ararat 

International Corporate Governance, a Definite Guide, IOD Publications (2004). In: Chris Pierce (ed.): International Corporate Governance, a Definite Guide, IOD Publications, London. Melsa Ararat 

Governance and Risk (2004).In:George Dallas (ed.), London and New York: McGraw Hill, Chap. 18-6, 511-16. Melsa Ararat