1. Corporate Governance Leaders Program

Welfare of economies and social welfare is directly related to welfare of companies and creation of value capacity. Sustainable creation of value for stockholders and other strategic partners are connected to how the companies are administrated. Administrator Committee is the owner and responsible of this process.

Corporate Governance Leaders Program is an educational program prepared for the member of Administrator Committee. Program covers the subjects of Administrator Committee’s role, engagement and legal responsibility for confirming firm’s strategy, providing firm’s act to law and social expectations properly, in relationships with investors and partners. The program examines contributions to firm's process of creation of value and legal and social responsibilities of both Administrator Committee as a whole and member one by one.

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2. Customised Training Program

Corporate Governance Forum of Turkey (CGFT) designs education programs addressing the special needs of boards and senior management teams. The contents of the customized education are based on short interviews, and a study of corporate charter and existing governance practices. The need for management education on governance usually comes to the fore in relation to the following situations:

  • Public Offering
  • Mergers and/or acquisitions
  • Borrowing in international capital markets
  • Preparations for a general assembly

CGFT also conducts educational programs on the impact of sustainability and social responsibility policies on governance structure of the companies. 

Financial institutions constitute the majority of establishments that benefit from CGFT’s educational programs.

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