The global energy system is witnessing a transformation with renewable energy and energy efficiency at its origin, combating the threat of climate change. The reasons for the transformation vary according to the conditions of the countries, their social and economic needs and priorities. For example, reducing the current account deficit in Turkey, increasing energy security and the creation of new industries and jobs as the most important driving forces will come to the fore. Thus, Turkey's low-carbon energy conversion, more sustainable and less costly as we define the transition to an energy system. Primarily wind and including the sun, falling rapidly to compete with the renewable sources of costs of energy derived from fossil resources to a level to arrive, and is one of the factors that increase the motivation to transform both the world and Turkey.

 In order to evaluate the role of the private sector under the energy conversion, as Shura Energy Conversion Center and CDP Turkey, we have prepared this short work. In this study, we examined the roles of the private sector in the traditional energy system and the roles that will be changed and renewed as the system changes. In reviewing these roles, starting from the opportunities created by energy and benefits of transformation in Turkey, we've included suggestions and examples for the private sector to be adaptable to change. In this context, it is important that the private sector develops its institutional capacity including human resources, technology and finance by creating synergies with the public, civil society and other energy sector stakeholders on the concept of energy conversion.

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