CDP Water Program 2016 which is conducted by Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum of Turkey with the support of Garanti Bank announced the results.

Specific results on Turkey which are conducted by CDP, the most powerful and effective non-governmental organization in the world, focusing on the protection of natural capital, aims to mobilize the private sector in water resources, is announced by the meeting which was held in Zorlu Performance Arts Center in December the 8th, 2016.

CDP Turkey in the second year of the Water Program invited 50 companies from Turkey, which are highly under the risk linked to water compared to other BIST-100 companies.

This year, 19 companies responded to CDP's Water Program in Turkey with an increase of 27 % compared to last year. 58 % of reporting companies measure and monitor water use. 47 % of the companies set goals to better manage their water resources. 79 % of the companies reported that they have integrated their water management strategies into all their business strategies.

According to the new Global Water Report titled 'Thirsty Business: Why water is vital to climate action?', which includes the CDP Water Program's global results for 2016, a total of 24 companies around the world are qualified for CDP Water A List by proving their leadership in water management.

This list is not yet found a company from Turkey but 3 companies with a leading position in water management from Turkey by taking 'A-' points (Garanti Bank, Şekerbank, Pınar Süt) was awarded as the CDP Water Leaders of Turkey.

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