As part of the Business Against Domestic Violance (BADV) Project, which is funded by the Matra Fund supported by the Government of the Netherlands and UNFPA, , the meeting  held on Tuesday, December 9 at the Sabancı Center. Report on "Impacts of Domestic Violence on White-Collor Female Employees and the Workplace" has been shared.

The opening speech of the meeting was made by the Dutch Consul General Robert Schuddeboom. The keynote speeches done by UNFPA  Vice Deputy Representative of Turkey; Zeynep Başarankut Kan Advisor of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hürriyet Gazetecilik; Emel Armutçu.

Melsa Ararat, the Director of Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum, made a presentation about "Impacts of Domestic Violence on White-Collor Female Employees and the Workplace". Prof. Dr. Melsa Ararat presented the results of the study, which was completed with the participation of 19 volunteer companies, on the awareness of women employees and companies on domestic violence, their exposure to violence in the close relations of women employees, and the attitudes of companies. The closing speech of the meeting was carried out by KAMER Foundation President Mr. Nebahat Akkoç.