CGFT Director Melsa Ararat who is also the board member of International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN), has chaired the 4th session of ICGN's COVID-19 webinar series entitled "Human Capital: Sustaining Morale and Promoting Fairness" on 9 July 2020.

Some of the questions they have been discussed was: 

  • Does human capital management (HCM) contribute to financial performance?
  • What are some of the key concerns for boards and investors during the crisis and what are the new trends or shifts that they should be aware of?
  • Why gender is a cross cutting theme in HCM?

The panelists were well-known names of the several industries: Christine Chow, Sophie L'Helias and Ric Marshall.

Referring to ICGN's "Corporate Governance Priorities During COVID-19 Outbreak", Melsa Ararat stated that boards should prioritize the health and safety of the employees and they should make a fair allocation of the capital considering the employees.

Christine Chow graphically illustrated the correlation between successful human capital management and the financial success of companies during the crisis. 

Sophie L'Helias mentioned that losing talent has serious long-term adverse effects on the sustainability of the company and that successful talent management is crucial for companies.

Ric Marshall mentioned that new risks emerged for companies during the pandemic process. He said being an ESG investor means taking into account all potential risks and that human capital management is one of those risks.

Please click here to reach the recording of webinar.